Monday, December 8, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree...

Swayzee where are you?
Hey Mike over here
Hey T are you having fun yet?
My sweetheart
We have a family tradition of getting our Christmas tree the Monday after Thanksgiving. We go out to dinner and then hit the same Christmas tree lot that we have been to since I was 9.
After dinner we headed out to the tree lot. Swayz and Mike were in heaven, there were rows and rows of Christmas tress and all they wanted to do was run through them. After chasing them around for awhile we finally found the perfect tree. It was right in time because Swayz informed us that she needed to go potty. We hurried and paid and rushed home, just making it in time. The tree looks beautiful, now the trick it keeping Mike out of it. He thinks the lights are the coolest thing ever and he loves to run up, hit it and laugh. CRAZY I tell ya!! (em I am still amazed you do this with twins :) )

Snow, Sleds and Bodily Harm

Here we are ready for the cold!!

Mom, Swayz and Mike

Man this is harder than it looks

I am soooo strong!

Picture perfect!
The day after Thanksgiving we headed up to my parents cabin for a nice relaxing weekend. I don't know if relaxing is the right word. For those of you who know Mikey he doesn't exactly allow people to relax. He is going 110 miles an hour and doesn't slow down unless asleep or sick. Anyways on with the story... Shane and I decided it would be fun to take the kids sledding. We all bundled up in our snow stuff (I don't know if you can tell but mikes outfit is just a little big :)) and off we went. My parents cabin is perfect for sledding, the driveway makes the perfect hill and leads right down to the garage. Sways and I attempted the first run, We got situated and off we went. I didn't realize that we would get going so fast, nor did I realize that the rock wall was really the only thing that could stop us. With my feet out and a few screams we hit. I was able to protect Swayz but I must say I wasn't walking as well after that. We soon learned that we needed to start down lower and Shane ended up catching us after that. We had a great time and even Mikey loved it. The best part was climbing the hill, well it wasn't the funnest part but it exhausted mike and swayz and they went to be really early that night.