Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We love GALOON!!

We went to Lagoon last Thursday with our family and had so much fun. Swayz was so excited to ride the rides and eat cotton candy. She was so funny though, every time we told her where we were going she would say Galoon instead of Lagoon. Our conversations went something like, "hey mom what time are we going to Galoon?" or "Mom Galoon is going to be soooo fun, I can't wait!" When we finally got there she rode all of the little kid rides and then wanted to go on the big kid rides. She was so sad when we told her she had to be a little older and a lot taller to ride those rides. Mike wanted to go on every ride with his big sister too. We let him go on the little boat ride, i was so stressed that he would figure out how to get out and jump in the water that once was enough for him. Shane and I went on the flying ride there. It's one of the rides that you have you have to pay a little extra for. They strap you into a harness, lift you way high in the air and then you drop and it feels like you are flying. I loved it!! Shane screamed the whole way down but I think he liked it when we were all done. (just kidding hun, you were really brave) Over all it was a great day, the kids were so tried when they got home they went straight to be and who can complain about that.

The Big Grandma and the Little Grandma

About 8 months ago Swayz started calling her Grandparents unique names. Instead of calling them Grandma and Grandpa Arnell or Patterson, she calls them the Big and Little grandma's and grandpa's. The Arnell's are the Big Grandma and Grandpa and the Patterson's are the Little Grandma and Grandpa. She would ask if we are going to the big or little grandmas house or if she was going to see her big or little grandma today. We thought it was cute so we let her keep calling them that. We thought she would grow out of it. Well 8 months later and she is still calling them that. One day the big grandma asked Swayz why she called her the big grandma. Swayz told her that it was because her house was bigger than the little grandmas house. So it only made sense for Swayz to refer to her as the big grandma. I don't know how much longer she will do this but I love it and it still sounds so cute to hear her talk about her big and little grandparents.


Michael is amazing in so many ways. He laughs and drives his sister nuts but one of his best attributes is his ability to fall down, not cry and get right back up and go for it again. I am constantly amazed at how tough he is. He has new bruises, bumps and scratches every day. Shane will come home from work and ask, "where did this one come from?" "Oh, he jumped off the stairs at the park." "And this one?" "He ran into the wall." One time The big grandma (Grandma Arnell) was taking Mike for a ride in the stroller. He wasn't strapped in and decided that he was done riding in the stroller and wanted to get out and walk. Before Grandma could stop him, he had jumped out and landed face first on the sidewalk. he scraped his nose and upper lip pretty bad! There were a few tears but after a kiss and hug he was off again to find another adventure. I am so excited to watch him grow and see what kind of Man he turns into. For now I am grateful for all of his guardian angles and his ability to heal quickly!!