Monday, November 3, 2008

Painting rocks is so much FUN

What a cute kid

bribing Mike with candy

We ended up painting a ghost, candy corn, pumpkins and a frankenstein


We decided to paint rocks for Halloween. We walked all around the neighborhood looking for just the right rocks. After an hour or so we had all the rocks we needed, painting here we come. I wasn't sure what to do with Mike, he is a little crazy and sitting still isn't much of an option. I decided to bribe him with candy and stick him in his high chair. After 5 min. Swayz was bored and ready to move onto the next project. Unfortunantly fo her, I was just getting started and we weren't going to stop. After about an hour we had painted all our rocks! We made pumpkins, a ghost, candy corns and frankenstein. We had so much fun.