Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bowling Anyone. . .

For FHE we decided to go bowling. It turned out to be really fun, even with a 1 year old. Swayz loved it and did pretty good. She thought she was pretty big because she got to pick out her own ball and bowl all be herself. Mikey thought that he should get a turn and threw a little fit when he figured out he was only ment to watch and not touch. The siblings got a little competitive, I think I won both games :) Over all we had a great time.

Daddy's little BOY

It's been awhile since our last post. Life gets a little crazy as I am sure most of you know. We are doing GREAT! Well most of the time :) Everyone is healthy and happy, what more can you ask for!
The other day we were sitting in Michael's room playing around with the kids. Shane grabbed the tie from my rob and tied it on his head like Rambo. Mikey and Swayz thought that was the coolest thing ever. Swayz wanted to add to Daddy's look so she put her beautiful blue necklace around his neck. It wasn't too long until Michael wanted to put everything on. So we took it off Shane, put it on Mike and watched him run around for a good 10 min. He kept trying to "chop" swayz and kick us. He would run into the room yelling HIIIIIYAAAAAA. I think he might have watched Kung Fu Panda one to many times. It was really cute thought so we took pictures and here they are.