Sunday, May 3, 2009

The TENT of wonders

So Swayz had a great idea yesterday, she wanted to build a tent. We started out in the front room but after Michael ran and tore everything down we decided to move our tent into Swayzee's room. It didn't take us long before we had our masterpiece complete. There are several different rooms and a few windows in our tent. We played all day in there and Swayz ended up sleeping in there too.
Michael was sad because he couldn't be in there. He stayed out in the hall and banged on the door. We felt bad so we let him in and within seconds he had ruined the left wing of the tent :) We had to kick him back out. The tent is still up and Swayz thinks she can keep it up until she turns 5. There's no way that will happen but I haven't told her that yet.


Monica said...

Yes, building a tent in your bedroom is ALWAYS the best idea ever! I used to do this with my sisters and loved every second of playing in the tent, sleeping in the tent, keeping boys away from the tent, etc... Oh gosh, this post has brought back a lot of good memories.

And Kinz, we for sure need to get together before Emily leaves! I would love that! I have no idea when she's due to go back, so give me a call if anything is planned. Miss you!

Andy and Jodi said...

I loved building forts when I was a kid. The best. Miss you and hope to see you soon!